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Realtime Transcription 11/30/09

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At a time when jobs are hard to come by, one field at least is growing. Alyssa Rossomme has more on the career possibility of court reporting. ALYSSA ROSSOMME: Court reporters. They are called the silent person in the courtroom. GAIL ARMSTRONG: They don't say much, but their job is really crucial. ALYSSA ROSSOMME: Gail Malm Armstrong is a freelance court reporter is Cass County and the vice president of the non-profit organization, AAERT, or American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. GAIL MALM ARMSTRONG: The job of a court reporter is to produce a verbatim or word-for-word transcript of everything that happens either in the courtroom or in a deposition room or arbitration or hearing. ALYSSA ROSSOMME: Armstrong says transcripts allow judges, attorneys, even a Court of Appeals to read exactly what happened at a hearing or deposition, even years later. - [ MUSIC ] RICK LEVY: Hello, my name is Rick Levy. I am a court reporting firm owner here in Miami, Florida. We cover all of South Florida. I'm here to talk about the great program at Broward Technical Centers. They produce many quality students, fine people in the community. I personally, myself, have had a handful of students work for me, and they've all been professional; they've come out ready to work, and have all done well. So far they've all made between $30,000 and $60,000 their first year of employment, and the earning potential is anywhere from $60,000 in a given year to $150,000 in any given year. LINDA TOBIN: Hi. Welcome to the court reporting programs at Atlantic Technical Center and also Sheridan Technical Center. I'd like to share with you this morning just a little bit about each one of our programs. Though the content is the same, the delivery is slightly different. Both programs will take you approximately two and a half years to complete the program. The idea at the conclusion of the program is that you will have job-ready skills to be a court reporter. Your first step in finding out more information about our court reporting programs in Broward County Schools is to visit our website at There you'll find information about program content, about our orientation classes, and also you'll find more information specifically about employment opportunities. Debby Ross: Hi, I'm Debby Ross. I'm a teacher at Sheridan Technical Center for the court reporting online program. The great thing about being online is you don't have to drive anywhere. If you're an at-home mom, you've got the freedom that you can be with your children as well as being in school. Our site is open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So any time that you want to practice, you're able to practice. We also meet online in a virtual classroom three times a week, so you do get the feeling of the camaraderie, working with other students. It's a great program. I'll look forward to seeing you. CURRENT STUDENT: My name is Ashley, and I attend the online courses at Sheridan Technical Center. I love my teacher there, and I love that I can do court reporting program online while still being able to work part time and do court reporting on my free time as much as I want or as a little as I want. And I plan to eventually, when I graduate, get a job at a freelance firm. CURRENT STUDENT: Hi, my name is Kim, and I'm a student at Atlantic Technical Center. I enjoy being a student here, and I enjoy the court reporting program. I've been in the program for about a year, and I enjoy the classroom environment. I enjoy the challenge of court reporting and the diversity of the occupation once I leave school. TANYA ENGLISH: My name is Tanya English. I own Florida Realtime Reporting Services and Realtime Transcription, Inc. Over the years I've had the occasion to hire court reporters from the Broward Technical Center's programs, and I found that they were really qualified and as good or better, in some instances, than veterans who had been working in the field for a while. I think the education that they've received at Broward Technical Centers has been just top notch. If you're considering getting into court reporting or captioning or realtime transcription, I would encourage you to look at Broward Technical Centers. - [ MUSIC ]
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At a time when jobs are hard to come by, one field at least is growing. At Broward Technical Centers training court reporters is a growing field.